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Why are you blogging

Why are you Blogging

Why are you blogging?

Do you realize how many blogs are on the Internet? Can you imagine the number of blogs?

“As of 16 February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence”, based on Wikipedia information. Wow, that is a huge number, isn’t it?

On the Internet, you could find many kinds of blogs with different topics.  Technology, gadgets, blogging tips, etc. … with a lot of useful information. So I will try to classify those blogs to figure out the reasons behind blogging.

Personal Blogs

There are some bloggers who want to share their life with the public: their experiences, thoughts, and adventure trips. That way, readers get closer to them and feel like they know the blogger in person. So their blogs get popular and they get many followers all waiting for their next article. They become famous really quick.

Business blogs

Companies and some individuals using blogs just to sell their products and make money. Because they can get the attention of readers with some articles and get the customers excited about the product so they want to buy them. At least that’s my opinion because if they have a static website, there is nothing new on it. It will be boring and there is no interaction.

Affiliate marketing blogs

Well, those bloggers are just interested in making money.  Sometimes they will hire a few writers to write high quality articles for them and they will embed affiliate links within them and all that they do is just promote products in their blogs. So we could call them money bloggers.

  Just for blogging blogs

Usually they are very good blogs containing a high quality content and you enjoy reading them because blogging for those bloggers is a passion. They love writing and they put their feelings and everything they think about in their blogs.  You can feel what they are feeling when they are writing their articles.

So the conclusion is that there are two kinds of bloggers:  bloggers who blog because it is a passion for them and on the other side, bloggers blogging just to make money.

PS: I forgot to tell you that personal blogs are not made to make money directly but they could make it indirectly using adsense or any other kind of advertising networks to monetize their blogs.
So, why are YOU blogging?

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