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How to Stay Motivated to Blog

You’re sitting at your desk, pondering what to write but you can’t manage to muster up the energy to start typing. You wonder why you don’t have enough motivation to write anything. Have you run out of ideas? Why has your enthusiasm for writing disappeared?

Blogging requires passion, energy, enthusiasm, and most of all, motivation. You ask yourself, “Where did my motivation go? How do I get that motivation back?”

You know in the beginning, you were bursting with ideas and enthusiasm about what you wanted to write, excited to share your passion with anyone that would read about it. So, what happened? Did your enthusiasm and motivation just suddenly disappear? Sometimes everyday life just gets in the way. Maybe you have had a lot on your mind, whether it’s your job, family, friends, or bills. Possibly you’ve been too busy to think about blogging.

Stay motivated to blog

Most likely, it’s not that you’re not passionate about writing anymore; you have just let everyday, mundane life get in the way. So you find yourself making excuses not to write. Take time to remember your passion. Think about the excitement you felt when you first started to blog, sharing your thoughts and ideas with everyone. Are you still passionate about what you’re blogging about? If not, maybe it’s time to change course and blog about something new. But if you are, here are some good tips that you might find helpful to regain your enthusiasm and motivation to blog.

You should try reading to gain a fresh perspective, get new ideas, and to fill your mind with new thoughts about your passion.

Get inspired by reading your previous blogs as well as the comments your readers have left. Sometimes this can re-energize you to write about your passion.

Exchange ideas with friends and fellow bloggers. Sometimes a new perspective about what you’re blogging about can help you to view your passion in a different light.

Invite someone to guest post on your blog. This can help your blog to gain new followers which can also help keep you motivated to write.

Try writing in a different setting. If you usually write in your office at a desk, try a different room or even outside, if the weather is nice. Or try writing a different time of day or a different day of the week.

Take a short break from blogging. This might seem nonsensical but trying to write when you lack motivation or drive to do it accomplishes nothing except a boring, lackluster blog that nobody will want to read. Taking off a week or two and use that time to read, research your passion, or even just expose yourself to new surroundings. Then you can come back to your blog invigorated to write with fresh ideas.

I hope some of these tips work for you. Most likely you haven’t lost interest in writing; you just need to re-awaken that passion inside of you that drives you to write. It is a pleasure for all of us to read interesting blogs. And I look forward to reading yours.

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