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How To Encourage Readers to Comment


Did you know that on average, only 1 out of every 10 readers comment on the blogs they read? So how can you encourage your readers to comment on YOUR blog? I gave it some thought, did a little research and discovered some techniques that might prove to be successful.

Ask questions

Including a question in your heading can be an effective way to get your readers to respond because you put a question in their minds from the first moment of your post.

Invite comments

This might leave you scratching your head and wondering how this would help because most readers know they can comment if they choose to. But inviting them to can trigger a response to some extent.

Be a little open-ended

Though it’s good to cover a topic thoroughly, you can leave a little room for your readers to add their opinions or expertise.

Be humble

Readers tend to respond well to posts that show you don’t come across as knowing everything there is to know about a topic. Your readers are more likely to respond to this than a post written by someone who might respond critically to their readers’ comments.

Be gracious

There might be times when your post might have a grammatical or spelling error or one of your readers might have a difference of opinion to your post. Instead of responding in a harsh, defensive manner, take a graceful approach and admit the error or acknowledge that their point of view is valid.

Interact with comments that are left

This will get more difficult as your blog grows but it can be crucial in the early days of your blog because it shows your readers that you value their input. As the activity in your comment section grows, you can be a little less active as your readers will take over answering some of the questions but don’t ignore your comment threads completely.

Acknowledge good comments

When you respond to your readers’ comments and one of them is a particularly good or helpful comment, acknowledge it because this shows your readers that you believe their input is useful and important.

Make it easy for your readers to comment

Some blogs require a reader to register or log in to comment on a post. A lot of readers are put off by this and just won’t bother to comment. I’m even guilty of this at times. I understand many bloggers require registration especially when their blogs get large and widely popular (mostly for combating spam) but this is a call you have to make personally for yourself as a blogger.


I hope these suggestions work well for all of you. Some of them may work for you and others may not. You can decide for yourself which of them to try. And of course, if any of you have helpful tips on this subject, feel free to comment below. icon wink How To Encourage Readers to Comment

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  • Gibson Perez June 10, 2015, 5:41 am

    Comment is a valuable thing because it shows that there are really readers who appreciated your work. You are right that you should acknowledge good comments, and thus forget all of those disparaging and bad. When you cannot have all time to monitor the comments that enter your blog, you can employ outside content moderation services to protect the clean face of your brand.

  • I Trick Buzz September 26, 2016, 1:58 pm

    Comments are very valuable things and good for user engagement. People who are vising your blog, will spend more time on your site if they find healthy discussions in the comment section.
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  • cindyyu830 December 7, 2017, 8:48 am

    Comment is a valuable thing because it shows that there are really readers who appreciated your work.

  • Evan Kristine December 17, 2017, 2:54 pm

    Wow! Such a good read. I really love reading the tips, I do agree on acknowledging the reader’s comment, always be humble and keep a little bit open minded. I guess these tips really help so the readers will be encouraged to comment. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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